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What’s New at Feeders

Here’s a look at some of the new pet supplies and pet food we
have added to our shelves.

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Pet Food of the Month

Check out our Pet Food of the Month available at our
various stores in the area.

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Pet Wash Services

Stop by one of our locations and save money on a great pet wash
service we have to offer.

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Adopt a new friend

“Pawtnered” with local rescue organizations we can offer lifetime
companions Dogs and Cats.

Pet Lover’s News

Pets Can Have Food Allergies, Too

Many pet owners have seen the symptoms of food allergies. The dog may be incessantly scratching or have dry, flaky skin. The kitty may throw up for no reason or

Hop on Flea & Tick Prevention Now

As we begin to approach the warmer months of the year, it’s important to be prepared with a flea and tick prevention plan for your pets. It goes without saying

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