Feeders Supply:  Locally-owned and Operated since 1959

Feeders Supply was founded in 1959 as a Louisville area feed store. Today we are recognized as a premier retailer of pet foods and supplies and are known throughout the region as The Pet Lovers Store. Our neighborhood stores serve our 7-county metro area and Frankfort. Pet lovers can select from 10,000 different items for their pets.

We carry a wide selection of premium pet foods. Our goal is to give our customers choices. From the most basic of premium food to some of the highest quality, all-natural, grain-free offerings, we strive to put a range of products on our shelves. Each premium food selected as a Feeders Supply brand must come from a well-respected manufacturer and must be formulated to assure the well-being and long-term health of our customers’ pets.

Our purchasing team is constantly sourcing the most innovative pet supply products the industry has to offer. New, problem solving products are tested before they are added to our shelves. In addition to new items, we also continue to offer the tried-and-true things that our customers love and have come to rely on. We also work hard to source products that are made in the USA, and some of these are even manufactured locally.

We also feature fish departments in many of our stores. Locations with fish departments have both live fish and shelves loaded with the latest in aquatic supplies.

Many years ago, company owners committed us to never sell dogs or cats. So, we donate floor space in our stores to area adoption agencies and rescue groups. Feeders Supply also supports many local animal charities financially through sponsorships and donations.

We do sell a selection of small animals, pet birds and reptiles. We also stock all the feeds, pet homes and supplies these animals need. The specific animals and some supplies may vary by neighborhood location.

There is a Feeders Supply distribution center located in Bluegrass Industrial Park. This huge facility allows us to purchase directly from many of our vendor partners. Since we often buy in truckloads directly from the manufacturers, we are able to competitively price the products we sell. When you factor in monthly sales and our Feeders Repeaters Bonus Club on premium pet food, our prices are often lower than what customers can find elsewhere.

Our company is owned by the daughter of its founder, Roy Gibson. This is truly a locally-owned and family operated firm. Feeders Supply’s offices are located behind the Baxter Avenue store. The firm employs in excess of 300 people at its corporate office, retail locations and warehouse facility.

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