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Feeders Supply has a special reward for loyal customers – the Feeders Repeaters Bonus Club program. Here’s how it works: When you purchase a bag or a case of premium dog and cat foods, you can receive a Feeders Repeaters card.

Every time you purchase a bag or a case of that same brand, your card will be stamped. If you purchase twelve of the same product, the thirteenth purchase is free! However, if you need to purchase various sizes of the same brand, or a mixture of bags and cases of the same brand, you can still put them all on one card. The twelve recorded amounts are then averaged, and you receive the averaged credit on your thirteenth purchase.

If you don’t have a Feeders Repeaters card, be sure to ask for one the next time you make a dog food pr cat food purchase.

Premium brands carried at Feeders Supply that are eligible for the Feeders Repeaters Bonus Club program include Orijen, Acana, Fromm Four Star, Nutro Natural Choice, Nutro Ultra, Earthborn, Wellness, Pro Pac, Eagle Pack, Holistic Select, Natural Balance, Merrick, Pro Plan, Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams, Taste of the Wild, Professional, Blue Life Protection, Blue Wilderness, Blue Freedom, Honest Kitchen, Stella and Chewy’s, and Natures Variety, along with others.

We also offer the Feeders Repeaters Bonus Club for Self-Serve Pet Washes. Use the pet wash twelve times, have your Feeders Repeaters Pet Wash card stamped each time, and the thirteenth Self-Serve Pet Wash is free!